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          Ball Valve

          Design features of the trunnion ballvalves include:

          ●Construction of the shell
          The valve bush of the stationary ball valve can be designed to threetypes:casting constructin,forging,construction,and full weldingconstruction,according to user's demand or different working condition.And theball valve of the full welding construction is mainly applied to undergroundoperation.

          ●Theunique sealed structure of valve seat
          Pre-ball sealed structure,post-ball sealed structure or pre-post ball doublesealed structures are available for choosing to different pressure,mediumproperties,and sealing requirements of the fixed ball valves.

          In case of abnormal rise of pressure at middle cavity,ball valve of single sealstructure is provided with self-relieving function,while ball valve of dualseal structure uses the auxiliary pressure relief device on valve body to carryout pressure relief.

          ●Emergencyseal system
          The valve is designed with an auxiliary seating emergency seal system,as showin the figure.In case of soft seal damaged,or failure of seal in an emergencycircumstances,emergency seal may be effected by injecting in sealant throughauxiliary sealing system if needed,emergency seal assembly can be used to rinseand lubricate the seating area.Plus,valve stem can also be designed with anauxiliary emergency sealing system.

          To prevent misoperation and the unexpected open or close caused by theunpredicted circuit vibration,a locking device is designed at the fully openedan closed positions of hand operated ball valve.This design is proven to beespecially good and effective in the production line of inflammable mediums ofpetroleum and chemicals,or when valves are mounted outdoors.

          ●Firesafe design
          The ball valve can be fire,safe design according to working circums-tances andcustomers' needs.The fire proofing design of ball valve is to the standards ofAPI607 and GB/T6899.In case of soft seal ring burnt in fire,the fire protectionstructure of ball valve functions to prevent mediums from mass leakage,thus toavoid fire spreading.

          When operating the valve,the friction between the ball and seat will produceelectrostatic charge that can be accumulated on the ball.To prevent static spark,anantistatic device is placed on the valve to derive the electric chargeaccumulated on the ball.

          ●Jamand release
          When the valve is close,the valve seats will stop the effuence,and theprecipitate in the can be released through the releasing device.

          ●Full and reduced bore structure
          To meet the different requirements of users,we have full and reduced bore ballvalves searies(as shown in the figure).Full bore ball valve is for convenienceof cleaning,while reduce-bore series ball valve is comparatively lighter inweight,but fluid resistance is only 1/7 of that of globe valve of the samecaliber,so reduced-bore ball valves boast of wider prospects.

          Performance& Dimensions

          Standard Criteria: ASME/ANSI/API

          Pressure Rating:Class150-Class1500

          Valve Size:50mm~1000mm2”~40”

          Actuator:  Electric,Handle, Pilot-hydraulic, Worm Gear

          Connection:  ButtWelding, Flange

          Medium: Natural gasOil, Water

          Medium Temperature: -196~550

          State of Ball: Fixed Ball

          ApplicationFields: Food,Processing Food Service Medical Municipal Petrochemical

          Ball WCB  A105 SS304 316 316L CF8

          Standards Applied

          DesignStandard: API 6D, ASME B 16.34-2004

          Connection Standard:  ASME B 16.47,ASME B 16.5

          Test Standard:  API 598,API 6D

          Face to Face:  API 6D,ASME B 16.10

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