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          Client and Project NameOffered Valve TypeYear
          Shandong Shaoping Xisan Thermal Power PlantGate,Globe,Check Valve2003
          Shanxin Pucheng Power Plant Ball,Check,Gate Valve2001-2003
          Shanghai Wujing Thermal Power PlantTriple Eccentric Butterfly,Gate,Valve2000-2005
          Zhejiang Shanxi Hydraulic EngineeringGate,Balance,Butterfly,Relief Valve2002
          Jinzhou Thermal Power CompanyBig Size Electric Operated Butterfly Valve2002-2005
          Liaoyuan Thermal Power Plant Electric Operated Gate,Globe,Ball Valve2000
          Heilongjiang Yichun Forestry Hydraulic Power PlantButterfly,Gate,Check Valve2001-2002
          Hubei Qingjiang Hydraulic Power PlantBig Size Flexible Butterfly,Electric Operated Gate Valve 2001-2002
          Xinjiang Hongyanchi Second Power PlantElectric Operated Butterfly,Gate Valve2001
          Shanghai Ruida Environmental Water SystemGate,Globe,Check,Butterfly Valve2002-2004
          Shuangliao Power CompanyGate,Check,Butterfly Valve1999-2004
          Jiangsu Yangzhou Huayaolou ProjectButterfly,Control,Ball,Balance Valve2002-2003
          Ningxia Shizuishan Power PlantElectric Operated Gat,Globe Valve2002
          Huanghudu Waterworks Expansion Project Water Supply EquipmentButterfly,Gate,Relief,DBB Valve2000
          Henan Second Thermal Power Construction CompanyGlobe,Gate,Ball Valve2005
          Hancheng Power CompanyButterfly,Electric Operated Gate Valve2001
          Shandong Haihua Group Power PlantGate,Bal,Butterfly Valve2002
          Shandong Qufu Shenghua Thermal Power CompanyButterfly,Gate Valve2004
          Shandong Rongzhou Thermal Power CompanyButterfly,Gate Valve2004
          Henan Anyang Power Plant First Expansion ProjectHigh Pressure Globe,Gate Valve2002-2004
          Henan ShanmengXia Huayang Power Plant Expansion ProjectHigh Pressure Globe,Gate Valve2002-2004
          Henan Xinxiang Power Plant Expansion ProjectButterfly,Gate Valve2002-2004
          Henan Zhengzhou Natural Gas Power PlantGate,Ball Valve2004
          Shandong Dongyue Power CompanyGate,Globe,Butterfly Valve2004
          Huaneng Nanjing Gas Power Generation CompanyBig Size High Temperature & Pressure Electric Operated Gate,Globe Valve2006
          Dalian Jiangong Mechanical And Electrical Installation Engineering Co., LTDGate Valve2006
          Sichuan Industrial Engineering Company Beijing BranchDBB Valve2006-2007
          Sichuan Electric Construction Company Shanxi Qingshuichuan Project Gate,Globe,Check,Butterfly Valve2006-2007
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