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          Client and Project NameOffered Valve TypeYear
          Pingdingshan National Oil Sales Company LtdSlab Gate,Check,Ball,DBB valve2000-2004
          Sudan Khartoum Refinery,2.5 Million Tons Distillation UnitsButterfly,Gate,Ball,DBB Valve2000-2004
          SNOOC Bohai Sea Company,Drilling PlatformAPI Gate,Ball,DBB,Butterfly Valv2000-2004
          Zhongyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.,0.3 Million Tons EthyleneAPI Gate,Ball,Low Temperate Globe,DBB Valve2000-2009
          SINOPEC Seventh Construction CompanyGate,Ball,Butterly,Globe,DBB Valve2005
          Jiangsu Petroleum Exploration Bureau Huaian Halide Mining And Transport Project DepartmentBig Size Ball Valve2006
          Tianjin International Petroleum Storage and Transportation Company Ltd.,New Oil DeportDBB,Slab Gate Valve2000-2008
          Dalian Port Group Co Ltd.,Nw Port and South China Sea Oil DeportGate,Check,DBB,Slab Gate Valve2005-2009
          CNOOC Luzhou Asphalt PlantGate,Ball Valve2003-2005
          Pall Filter Beijing Co.,Ltd.Ball Valve2007
          CNPC Dagang BranchButterfly,Gate,Ball,DBB Valve2008
          CPECC Kazakhstan Project DepartmentGate,DBB,Butterfly,Ball Valve2008
          National Petroleum Storage Warehouse Hunan 154 DivisionDBB Valve2009
          Zhoushan National Petroleum Storage WarehouseSlab Gate,Butterfly Valve2007
          Heilongjiang Reserves Administration 153 DivisionDBB Valve2007
          China Nanhai Engineering Co.,Ltd National Petroleum Storage Warehouse Shannxi 159 DivisionDBB Valve
          Fujian Union Petrochemical Co.,LtdSlab Gate Valve2007
          Daqing Oilfield Construction GroupSlab Gate,Globe,Gate Valve2007
          Offshore Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd.Slab Gate Valve2008
          Zhonghuaxinyuan Oil Storage andButterfly,Slab Gate Valve2007-2010
          Zhonghuaxinyuan Oil Storage and Transportation(Zhoushan) Co.,LtdButterfly,Slab Gate Valve2007-2010
          China Petroleum Pipeline Bereau Guangxi Petrochemical and Refinery Crude Oil Tank ProjectMotorized Gate Valve2008
          CPPMEC Lanzhengchang ProjectButterfly,Gate,Globe,DBB Valve2008-2010
          CPPE Mozambique ProjectDBB Valve2008
          West-east Gas Pipeline Branch of CNPCTrunnion Ball Valve2008
          Shangxin Land Oil Co.,LtdSlab Gate,Check,Ball Valve2008
          Sichuan Petroleum Administration Turkmenistan Project DepartmentGate Valve2008-2010
          CNPC Seventh Construction Company Guanxi Petrochemical ProjectPneumatic Ball,DBB Valve2008-2010
          CNOOC Asphalt Yingkou LLCGate,Motorized Control Valve2009-2010
          CNPC Huabei Sales Company Dachang Oil Depot,Commerial Reserve Storage   Gate,Motorized Butterfly,Slab Gate,DBB Valve2009
          CNPC Jinzhou Petrochemical Co.,LtdMotorized Slab Gate, Hydrogenation Valves2009-2010
          Dalian Port CNPC International Storage North Area Engineering EPC ProjectMotorized Slab Gate Valve2009-2010
          &middot; HQCEC Qinzhou CNPC    National Storage Warehouse First-Stage ProjectMotorized Slab Gate and Butterfly Valve2009-2010
          Xinjiang Refinary Construction Group Co.,LtdSlab Gate Valve2010
          CPE Huabei Branch Dongsheng Oil DepotMotorized Slab Gate, Gate,Motorized Butterfly,Ball Valve2010
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